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17x22 Crystalline Exquisite Satin Bright White, Poly-Cotton Canvas Print

  • Makes Color and Contrast Art Pop With Its Exquisite Satin Finish .
  • OBA-FREE! Contains no optical brightening agents, which will ensure that your prints last for many years to come .
  • HIGH COTTON COUNT unlike most blended inkjet canvasses, with only 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton . 21 MIL, 440 GSM, 2-over-1 Supple Weave makes your art appear exactly as you created it while helping it to pop off the page. 
  • 22x28 acid-free blackcore matboards are a 4-ply papermat that provide the aesthetic and design benefits of a dark bevel to accentuate contrasts in color and shading while providing bordering to any picture or photo .
  • Your beautiful art piece is professionally mounted on archival, museum grade quality metal  DIBOND panels using the best pva archival adhesive that will ensure your art will last you generations to come.  

Hanging Rock Falls

  • An additional frame is optional to further match your home decor.

    • Item does not need to be framed over glass.
    • Every element used to make this print is museum quality with an archival life of 100 years! 
  • I stumbled upon this gem of a location in my many meanderings around the nationally recognized beautiful Hudson Valley area that I grew up in and still currently reside.  Behind this photo, and also below this photo, is actually a small series of elegant waterfalls. I was filming these falls when I turned around and saw how extraordinary the clouds were as they were masking the sun just right. I couldnt pass up this opportunity so I swiveled my camera around and "snap" this is the shot. I absolutely love this shot, to me it encapsulates a great adventure and a beautiful warm Fallscape. 

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